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PhoneCrypt – Securing mobile and landline voice communication

PhoneCrypt solutions provide individuals, small-medium, and large business with the tools and resources to secure 100% of their voice communications ensuring privacy and confidentiality for personal and business needs.

The PhoneCrypt product range:

1    PhoneCrypt Mobile
PhoneCrypt Mobile is designed for individuals and business professionals. PhoneCrypt Mobile offers true mobile to mobile protection using  military-grade encryption  ensuring complete privacy.

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2    PhoneCrypt PBX
PhoneCrypt PBX is a fully secure, feature rich PBX designed for small to large enterprises. PhoneCrypt PBX is compatible with the PhoneCrypt suite of products for comprehensive security for all voice communications.

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3    PhoneCrypt Gateway

PhoneCrypt Gateway is a versatile fully secure phone gateway designed for use with existing PBX systems. It provides secure calls between gateways or gateway to PhoneCrypt Mobile Phone users. 

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4    PhoneCrypt Softphone
PhoneCrypt Softphone allows ultimate portability and includes the same features and protection found in the hardware offerings. It is designed for mobile professionals, and individuals.

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5    PhoneCrypt Landline Adapter
PhoneCrypt Solo is  designed for mobile professionals, SOHO users, and individuals. It provides complete privacy and integrates with existing land based phones.

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PhoneCrypt Solutions

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