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Devices compatible with: PhoneCrypt 3G
Compatibility list:
There are two versions of PhoneCrypt, one software Based, one hardware based.

The hardware based PhoneCrypt solution works on all and any phone with headset connector, the software based PhoneCrypt works on the following phones
o Apple (iPhone and iPod)
o Android
See the compatible phone list below or contact us for further information:
o Apple IPhone

o - IPhone 5
o - IPhone 5C
o - IPhone 5S
o - IPhone 6
o - IPhone 6 Plus
o - IPhone 6S
o - IPhone 6S Plus
o - IPhone 7
o - IPhone 7 Plus
o - IPhone 8
o - IPhone 8 Plus
o - IPhone X
o Android
o - All models with Android 4.4 or higher
The hardware based PhoneCrypt works on the following phones
o Android (all models)
o Linux based phones (all models)
o Non programmable phones

For further questions please contact us